VASA Group Unveils the World’s First New Energy Aircraft Maintenance Tool Vehicle

Empowering Safety through Digitalization: Official Launch of the World’s First New Energy Aircraft Maintenance Tool Vehicle

September 22, 2023

In response to the national call for environmental protection and to accelerate the electrification,intelligence, and connectivity of specialized airport ground equipment, there is a pressing need to enhance safety management for new energy vehicles. This includes establishing standards for vehicle admission, safety status monitoring, and emergency rescue. On September 22, at Xiaoshan Airport, VASA Group, in collaboration with Xiamen Airlines and Dongfeng Yufeng, officially unveiled the world’s first new energy aircraft maintenance toolvehicle.

This innovative vehicle provides 24/7 uninterrupted aircraft maintenance services, enabling on-site tool access anytime, anywhere, significantly reducing tool retrieval time and enhancing maintenance efficiency. As civil aviation continues to expand, traditional maintenance tool retrieval processes have exposed issues such as high labor costs and complex control procedures, affecting safety and management capabilities. Enhancing maintenance efficiency and reducing safety risks without altering existing workflows through digital regulation and phased implementation has become a crucial development strategy for maintenance departments.

After nearly a year of preparation, testing, and practical drills, the new energy aircraft maintenance tool vehicle has been officially networked with airlines and is now in the testing phase. This vehicle offers around-the-clock tool management services, featuring intelligent identity recognition, remote management, self-service tool access, and real-time status monitoring. These capabilities significantly reduce the labor costs associated with tool management and mitigate safety hazards caused by misplaced tools. This advancement marks a substantial step towards the automation, integration, and intelligence of tool management systems.


Moving forward, VASA’s new energy aircraft maintenance tool vehicle will be customized according to the specific needs of different regions and airlines, ensuring that the integrated tool cabinets and chip tools align closely with frontline maintenance practices. This customization will accelerate the implementation of digital transformation strategies, supporting the company in achieving its goals of safe maintenance and cost reduction.

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