New Product Launch – Transformers Silicone Warning & Working Light Series!

We are proud to introduce our latest Transformers Silicone Warning Light Series: TF4, TF6, TF12. This series not only offers an exceptional product experience for end-users but also comes with a Lifetime-Warranty, providing greater confidence in your business growth.

  • Reliable Quality and Lifetime Warranty

The Transformers Silicone Warning Light Series is made of stable silicone material, ensuring durability in harsh weather conditions and unpaved environments. The Lifetime-Warranty provides additional assurance and enhances customer trust.


  • Flashing Modes

Equipped with flashing and synchronization functions, compatible with mainstream controllers in Europe and America, achieving synchronized flashing. Voltage range DC 10-33V.


  • Flexible and Diverse Installation

Two cover options are provided: ABS+PC rigid composite material for flat installation, offering robust protection, and silicone for curved fitting installation, allowing flexibility on irregular surfaces.

  • Designed for Various Scenes

Different sizes meet diverse industry needs. The smaller TF4 and TF6 are suitable for electric cars, police cars, and vans, ensuring a clean appearance and efficient safety alerts. TF12 is ideal for fire trucks, trucks, and other vehicles requiring large, high-brightness warning lights for clear visibility in complex road and site conditions.


  • Unique Silicone Properties

Wear-resistant, providing stable appearance and light transmittance under prolonged UV exposure.

Silicone material protects the light assembly, increases product lifespan, and reduces maintenance costs.

Quick rebound after deformation, maintaining the original shape and performance.


  • Multiple Certification Standards

R10, R65 Class2, SAE J595 Class1, T13.

Let’s work together to make the Transformers Silicone Warning Light Series better align with market needs and achieve greater success.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Thank you again for choosing 911Signal – both now and in the future, we are your preferred choice.

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