Become Our Supplier

Suppliers are an important part of successful business. Through our clearly defined sourcing process we aim to ensure that suppliers provide high-quality, cost-competitive and sustainably produced materials and services for our businesses.

Excellence meets opportunity. With a rich legacy spanning 25 years in China, we take pride in our stable business, unwavering commitment to high-quality services, and a dedicated team that is second to none.

At 911Signal, we extend a warm invitation to high-caliber suppliers to join us in a mutually beneficial partnership. As a global leader, we have successfully served clients from around the world, establishing trust and delivering top-notch solutions.


When evaluating a new supplier, we take multiple factors into consideration:

  • Pricing
  • Merchandise quality
  • Service levels
  • Variety of merchandise
  • Volume capacity
  • Geographic coverage
  • Safety and audit standards
  • Ethical sourcing practices
  • Sustainability commitments

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