Vassar Group’s “Book of the Month” Reading Program丨Thinking Maps

The Russian philosopher Herzen said, “If you don’t read, you don’t have any real education, and you can’t have any discernment.” The gap between people lies in their eyesight. And reading is a shortcut to broaden your horizons and the lowest cost way of self-enhancement.

May book recommendation: Zhou Le’s “Thinking Maps

Mind map is an effective thinking model, an effective graphic thinking tool to express divergent thinking. It is used in memory, learning, thinking and other thinking “map”, which is conducive to the development of the human brain’s diffusion thinking.

The use of mind maps enhances intelligence and improves thinking skills. As a thinking tool, mind maps not only provide a correct and fast learning method, but also produce surprising results in creative development, project planning, educational presentations, meeting management, interpersonal communication, and self-analysis. Mind mapping provides us with an effective graphical tool for thinking, using graphic techniques to unlock the brain’s unlimited potential.

Reading books determines the height of life. The colleagues who participated in the May reading sharing session carried out post-reading sharing on the books they read at the end of the month combined with their personal thoughts and ideas. This sharing we took the actual work as an example, and used the learned mind map tool to make a graphic drawing, bringing the content of the book into the work, combining theory and practice, deepening everyone’s understanding of the book and the problems in the work.

Learning to make progress next time is an effective rule to be bigger yourself, so never let yourself sleep on a warm bed.

Reading books is the best way to change yourself. There is no eternal erudition, only eternal learning, there is no eternal intelligence, only eternal thinking. We should not just read, but also think while reading and learn to digest the essence of the book. After the sharing session, we also awarded prizes to the excellent representatives of this month’s reading staff: electronic reading cards to encourage everyone to read more.

After the staff sharing session, the president of the group, Mr. Yu, also shared through this reading, by means of “Thinking Maps”.

Every sharing is a growth. When we read, share and listen to the lecture each time, we have to go to constantly think and absorb different highlights, which is also the upward process of growth and progress. By honing in time and time again, from quantitative change to qualitative change, only by keeping the power of constant upward movement can we actively and continuously become excellent.

Enjoy reading with growth, the fragrance of books moisten the soul. Learning depends on the accumulation of knowledge, wisdom depends on thinking, erudition depends on the achievement of learning, and creativity depends on the success of practice. The meaning of reading is to grow knowledge by reading, to grow wisdom by reading, and to apply the learning results in work practice.

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