Cultivate management talent, build a century enterprise,Vasa Group 2022 Enterprise Economics Class Training Mobilization Meeting

In order to effectively implement the medium- and long-term talent development plan, improve the leadership and execution of corporate team leaders, establish and improve the professional ability of employees, promote their own development, create a comprehensive complex talent, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Vasa Group and Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group joined hands to cultivate qualified senior managers, and held a training mobilization meeting on May 10. Group president Mr. Yu, R&D and manufacturing general manager Mr. Wang, marketing director Mr. Zhou Liyuan, marketing director Mr. Xu Zheng, technical manager Mr. Wu Hongbin and production deputy manager Mr. Deng Tao attended the meeting.

At the meeting, President Yu made a request to the outbound training staff, asking them to take this training as a new starting point, forge ahead, prove themselves with practical actions, live and learn, and put what they have learned into the actual work. We hope that all the students can use the modern management thinking and ability of modern management team to improve the all-round strength of modern management such as business strategy management, marketing management, human capital construction, financial management operation, building high-performing team, information management, etc., and build a superior management team for the enterprise after learning.

As the earliest batch of seniors who attended the enterprise economic class, Mr. Wang, the general manager of R&D and manufacturing, shared his own learning experience, working with different students, collaborating with strangers, exchanging and learning across industries, integrating, absorbing, precipitating and transforming resource information into his own knowledge in order to promote his own better growth, and wished all students to return with honor and witness a different self.

All the trainees who went to the training also made a statement respectively, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity provided by the company to go out for training, and also doubly cherishing the learning opportunity, combining their own work, setting learning goals, doing more questions, learning more, learning more, communicating more, and summarizing more. Through the course, we will change our thinking, improve our vision, enhance our ability to manage, make decisions, organize and control ourselves, turn our ideas into solutions, turn our actions into results, put our learning into practice, lead our team, lead the development of the company and help build a century-old enterprise.

Holding this training mobilization meeting fully reflects the company’s attention and care for staff training. In the future, we will also continue to vigorously promote the construction of talent team, actively explore new initiatives, new paths and new methods of talent construction, continuously strengthen the construction of talent, and provide a strong guarantee for the development of the enterprise itself. Only when we have enough talents and attach importance to the role of talents can the company achieve leap-forward development.

Finally, we hope that our colleagues will be “the first to fight for the best in a hundred boats; the first to win in a thousand sails” and congratulate all the students on their triumphant return!

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