Warmth of the Dragon Boat Festival, Warmth of Vasa,Please check your holiday wishes

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duan Yang Festival, Chong Wu Festival, Wu Ri Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Zheng Yang Festival, Bathing Orchid Festival, and Tian Zhong Festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival. Dragon Boat Festival originated from the celestial worship, evolved from the ancient times dragon totem rituals. At the mid-summer Dragon Boat Festival, the seven stars of the Canglong rise to the mid-south sky, a day when the dragon rises to the sky. The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival covers the ancient astrological culture, humanistic philosophy and other aspects of the content, contains a deep and rich cultural connotation. Dragon Boat Festival in the inheritance of the development of a variety of folklore into one, the festival is rich in customary content, steak dragon boat and eat zongzi is the Dragon Boat Festival of the two major ritual themes, these two traditional ritual themes in China since ancient times, and still continue.

One Dragon Boat Festival per year
One year, one health
To express our love and care for each and every employee
Thanks to the hard work of all employees
On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Vasa Group
Vassar Group will give all the employees a beautiful Dragon Boat Festival welfare

Carefully selected gifts were delivered to each employee, not only to let everyone feel the festive atmosphere in advance, but also to integrate the company’s strong care into the wisps of zongzi fragrance. Although the zongzi is small, the friendship is very deep, and the joy of the employees who received the gifts is overwhelming. The Dragon Boat Festival is not only a gift, but also a humanistic care for the employees, which is a practical action to convey the care for the employees and truly integrate their own development with the corporate culture.

Vasa Group has always been adhering to the “people-oriented” corporate culture, through improving the construction of talent ladder, organizing various skills upgrading training, reading activities, course learning training, expansion training, etc., to create a positive and vigorous corporate atmosphere for all employees and further enrich their spiritual and cultural life.

At the same time, Vasaloppet Group also sends its staff full of holiday blessings and warm holiday benefits in different forms on the occasion of each important traditional holiday, which further strengthens the cohesion of staff and centripetal force of the enterprise and helps the enterprise to develop continuously and steadily.

The heart is like glutinous rice, the more sticky it is, the tighter it gets
Love is like a rice dumpling leaf, the more you cook it, the more fragrant it becomes
On the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival
Vasa Group wishes every employee
Good health, family reunion and happiness!

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