The 1st Vasaloppet Staff Photography Competition

In order to promote the corporate culture, enrich and activate the amateur cultural life of the staff, enhance the artistic cultivation, strengthen the interaction between the staff and promote the exchange of staff’s talents, the company has organised the ”1st Vasa Cup Staff Photography Competition”, for this competition, the company has hired For this competition, the company hired a professional photography teacher to conduct on-site training.

The theme of the photography competition was “people”, “architecture” and “products”, and since its launch, staff from all departments of the company have participated enthusiastically, receiving a total of 50 entries from 42 staff. A total of 50 entries were received from 42 employees.

All the entries were displayed on an “X” display in the company and anonymous votes were cast for “My favourite photography”. Come and see the work of the soul photographers of Kangwasa!
A look at the winning entries
At the end of the voting period, three contestants’ works were awarded as winners, and the Group’s President, Mr. Yu, presented the winning staff with honorary certificates and prizes respectively.

The winner of the Best Photography Award in the “People” category: Sales Department – Xu Qiuxia

The winner of the Best Photography Award in the “Architecture” category: Wu Yan from the Sales Department

The winner of the Best Photography Award in the “Product” category: Lu Hao from the Quality Department

Ice Lantern

The work records the extreme test of FIN6 POWER, which still emits light under the extreme cold environment, and is a kind of innate tenacity “life force”.

-Quality Department Lu Hao

Night Talk in the Old City

The work records the ancient architecture of Hanling in Dongqian Lake. The reflection in the water and the light mapping make the ancient village full of charm and a touch of mystery.

-Yan Wu, Sales Department

The Little Girl Sunbathing Cinnamon Flowers

The work records the ordinary but beautiful moments in life. The healing smile on the child’s face is sweeter than osmanthus!

-Xu Qiu Xia, Sales Department

We all have an eye for beauty, and the image of a moment may be a small story that touches the heart. Photography is not just about taking pictures with a camera, it is about all the books we have read, the things we have experienced, the songs we have listened to, the roads we have travelled and the people we have loved.

The Photographic Contest will come to a successful conclusion here. Through the Photographic Contest, the spiritual connotation of corporate culture has been further enriched, and Vasa Group will take this opportunity to actively carry out various forms of cultural and sports activities to continuously enrich the spare time life of staff, enhance the vitality of the company and provide a stronger spiritual impetus for the development of the company.

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