Christmas fun at Vasaloppet

Christmas fun at Vasaloppet
“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells~” With the joyful music of Christmas, the year 2021 has come to an end and the annual Christmas has arrived. The company was decorated with exquisite gifts, and a strong Christmas atmosphere surrounded every Vasaloppet partner.

As you enter the office, you will be greeted by festive decorations in red and green, a parachute Santa hanging in the activity area, and colourful pendants emitting a bling bling glow.
Christmas presents arrive on schedule
Life needs a sense of ritual and a little surprise, so of course Christmas fruit is a must. There were all kinds of “blind boxes” hidden inside the fruit, a little surprise prepared by Vasa Group for everyone.The warmth of the Christmas cards were shared with each other, and the warmth of the greetings gave the event a warm pink touch.

Although there is no Father Christmas in this world who will sneak gifts into your stocking while you are sleeping, there are always people who love you and prepare small surprises for you on special days.

The company also prepared DIY activities and interactive games for everyone, and once the activities started, everyone couldn’t hold back their excitement and was eager to try.

It was a Christmas party for the Vasa people, and the staff event “Warm up the winter, celebrate Christmas” was a great success with the sound of laughter.

On this festive occasion, the Vasa Group wishes every Vasa partner a very happy Christmas, peace and happiness, and every success! We also wish all the Vasa family members a happy Christmas in 2022. We are laughing together now, and we will be in the same boat in the future.

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