New quality with new mentors|Vasa Group efficiently trains interns

Since the cooperation between our company and Ningbo No. 2 Technical College, a number of 21 freshmen have entered our company for internship and have been working for more than three months.

On 22nd October, Mr. Pan Meixiang, Vice President of Ningbo No.2 Technical College, visited our Hangzhou Bay manufacturing base and checked the internship achievements of the students during this period. Mr. Yu, the founder of the group, was present at the site and accompanied the college leaders to visit the manufacturing site and production equipment, and the technology exhibition hall of the park. Both sides had in-depth discussions on the next stage of school-enterprise cooperation and win-win cooperation.

Internship achievements of interns

Xu Weihao

1、The first month of the internship workshop rotation, familiar with the product process, to understand the production process.

2、SMT workshop to learn equipment operation, learn solder paste printing machine operation, understand the placement process, follow SMT engineer to learn offline programming, PCB board placement layout.

3、Assembly workshop to learn laser engraving.

Wang Xufeng

1、The first month of internship workshop rotation, familiar with the product process, to understand the production process.

2、Assembly workshop rotation to learn the single lamp assembly process.

Zhang Mingxuan

1、The first month of the workshop rotation, familiar with the product process, to understand the production process.

2、Long row of lights workshop rotation to learn the assembly process of long row of lights.

Zhuang Lei

1、The first month of internship workshop rotation, familiar with the product process, understand the production process.

2、SMT workshop to learn AOI automatic detector.

3、Injection workshop to learn the injection process, drilling and milling machine processing programming.

Jiawei Tong

1、The first month of internship workshop rotation, familiar with the product manufacturing process, to understand the production process.

2、Trying to debug the equipment in the assembly workshop, programming, learning non-standard automation transformation with the electrical engineer.

3、Programming and debugging of all automatic screwing machines, soldering machines and two-component gluing machines, and being able to make jigs according to production requirements, currently making gluing jigs for L270 and C4 strobe lights.

Hu Xintao

1、The first month of internship workshop rotation, familiar with the product manufacturing process and understand the production process.

2、Under the guidance of the electrical engineer, we have completed the commissioning and assembly of the visual screw machine, showing our unique strengths in non-standard automation, and have also learnt to make dividing jigs for board dividing machines and welding jigs for welding machines.

At the meeting, a summary of the internship was made, focusing on the progress, work results and job attributes of the interns at this stage of their internship, and the leaders of the college were positive about the internship results in the company and the orientation training programme of the company.

The company will organise a weekly summary, asking everyone to analyse and review the work of the week, and the corresponding supervisors will also participate in it, analysing and commenting on the summary reports of the interns, pointing out the shortcomings, and giving appropriate encouragement to their achievements.

The first two weeks of each workshop rotation are mainly for the purpose of familiarising the group with the product process and understanding the production process as soon as possible. At the end of the rotation period, the interns are given targeted training to maximise their potential and develop them into the core talent of the company.

In addition to the orientation training, the interns will also form a learning team to cooperate in participating in ROGOE small batch projects, completing the whole process from SMD welding, and then assembly testing and packaging, and they have done the work time recording, process decomposition, process documentation making, and have a new cognition of the overall new product development and introduction process.

Of course, the company not only wants to cultivate the interns’ hands-on ability and thinking ability, but it is also vital to know how to co-ordinate and plan. The third month’s internship task is the site 5S planning, the process has experienced many overturning and restarting, but we always persevere, and finally Wang Zi Qiao also as a representative of the internship students, to all employees to give the site 5S training, which is also the best summary of the results of this month’s learning.

Vice-President Pan Meixiang also said: the interns need to summarise their gains during the rotation, the humanistic spirit and corporate culture of the company needs to be integrated quickly, and the progress results obtained from the rotation positions need to be carefully analysed.
During the internship, each intern will undergo systematic training and practical experience in the company’s knowledge system, as well as rotating through a number of different positions. Throughout the internship period, you will experience many challenges, face a lot of competition and be given many opportunities to develop yourself through cross-departmental cooperation. Through this period of combining theory and practice, each trainee has gained a lot from their work, growing up and becoming more mature, from professional skills to dealing with people, they have really improved, completing the role change from student to social worker and laying a solid foundation for their future development.

Our company has always been committed to cultivating high-quality, application-oriented and innovative composite talents, establishing a scientific and effective talent training mechanism for enterprises, creating opportunities and providing support for the growth of talents, turning employees into professionals on the job and growing into core talents of enterprises.

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