The Vasa Group’s globalization of intelligent early warning systems is in full swing

The Vasa Group’s globalization of intelligent early warning systems is in full swing

Ningbo Vasa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified high-tech enterprise committed to providing automotive, aviation, marine and outdoor safety warning system solutions around the world. The company is based on industrial IOT vehicle warning system industry, exploring the development of aviation equipment, intelligent city road safety warning system business, and gradually build up three professional platforms of “intelligent manufacturing, import and export trade, investment”, forming a sustainable development mode with complementary advantages.

The Paris Military and Police Equipment Show is one of the three largest military and police equipment shows in the world, attracting participants from more than 40 countries worldwide each year. The 911Signal brand showcased a number of innovative warning and control products, attracting a large number of customers.

The new hybrid police car

On October 20th the police fleet of the Portuguese municipality of Cascais was equipped with a new hybrid car patrol car, equipped with 911signal lightweight, high brightness, multifunctional, low wind resistance, IoT long row warning lights, to enter rural areas for effective patrols. The new car with low fuel consumption and low emissions also makes an important contribution to reducing the municipality’s carbon footprint.

Whether in the past, present or future, Vasa Group will continue to take technological innovation and customer needs as the driving force, and gradually establish a professional and reliable brand image in the industry, providing customers with indispensable safety warning products, keeping “forging ahead” in mind and making continuous progress.

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