The first Vasa Smart Cup innovation design competition is officially launched

Since the cooperation between our company and Ningbo Polytechnic School of Information Science and Engineering in April this year, both parties have been establishing a good cooperation relationship.

On November 2, our president Mr. Yu Feng and his six members were invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Cultural Festival of the School of Information Science and Engineering, which launched the first Vasa Smart Cup Innovation Design Competition.

This cultural festival not only consolidated the school-enterprise cooperation, accelerated the pace of school-enterprise cooperation, but also deepened the awareness and recognition of Vasa Group among the students.


Mr. Yu, President of the Group, introduced the development of the Vasaloppet Group to all the 21 new students and youth cadres, and gave a detailed introduction to the objectives, main lines, points and projects of the competition. The guidance team formed by the Vasaloppet Group and the School of Information Technology will also provide technical support to the students and encourage them to apply enthusiastically, while wishing all the students who participated excellent results.

Competition items

1、UWB vehicle-mounted equipment management and personnel rescue location
Mainly involving the application of UWB technology

2、Simulation of touch screen remote control of early warning products ambulance rescue scene linkage (warning lights, sirens, lighting, cameras)
Mainly involving a variety of communication protocol applications, touch screen applications

3、Emergency stop, collision situation photo record graphical transmission display
Mainly involving simple communication protocols and the application of graphical transmission technology

No more steps, no more climbing

In the “education-competition-industry” chain, intelligent technology innovation competitions play an important role in bridging the gap between education, competition and industry. It not only provides a high-level practical exchange platform for the participating students to stimulate their potential and improve their innovation ability, but also guides more people to pay attention to technological innovation and development, fully implementing the national strategic policy of “developing the country through science and education”, and directly connecting with industry, building a bridge between enterprises and talents, and identifying and training excellent technical talents through sponsorship and resource support.

Technological innovation drives the transformation of scientific and technological innovation into real productivity, and is the core driver of high-quality development and the core of corporate strategy. It plays a pivotal role in the process of improving production methods and processes, which leads to continuous improvement in efficiency, cost reduction and market development, thus forming a unique brand advantage for the company.

Over the years, Vasa Group has been upholding the development strategy of “people-oriented, technological innovation”, always paying attention to the development trend at home and abroad, focusing on talent training and technology innovation-driven development, deepening the talent training mechanism, focusing on school-enterprise cooperation and innovation, forming a positive interaction between schools and enterprises, win-win cooperation, providing a superior development platform for more outstanding talents. We focus on the development of talent training and technological innovation-driven development.

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