Vasa Group’s “Book of the Month” Reading Program丨McKinsey Chart Work Method

Vasa Group’s “Book of the Month” Reading Program丨McKinsey Chart Work Method

“Spring is as beautiful as it is, and it is the time to read”.

Enjoy reading to delight the body and mind, enjoy reading to cultivate sentiment, enjoy reading to change life.

The book in our hands is a bridge, which makes people think a thousand miles; the book is a wing, which makes people’s hearts travel a thousand feet. Fondle the pages of the book, hold the volume and read, listen to the bell of culture, drink the dew of culture, each of us can meet a different self.
How to effectively organize the information you need?

How to communicate complex information efficiently?

How to impress important customers faster?
This book starts from the need to solve problems, based on the pyramid principle, MECE principle, SCQOR story development method, etc. It summarizes the skills of chart work method, thinking with charts, reaching with charts, working with charts, making problems visualized, simplified and precise, teaching you to quickly solve complex problems and get out of work dilemma.

To discover the essential problems, you need to collect and analyze a lot of information beforehand, and the process of “collecting information” can be said to be the way to “solving problems”. The “essential problems” we want to discover are based on sorting out these problems, clarifying the connections between things, and identifying the root causes of the “problematic phenomena”. By drawing diagrams, we analyze the collected information and data to understand the truth of the problem.

Communicating information graphically and presenting the important parts in words significantly improves the audience’s understanding. Use graphics to convey information and text to mark the key points.

Analytical thinking is done by drawing charts to analyze the specific issues that arise. The point of charting so much data is to help us find the key clues to the problem. The chart that summarizes this information and expresses it is the “analysis chart.

We hope that you will take this book as an opportunity to use charts to illustrate and explain in your future work, and to develop the habit of thinking in charts so that you can better solve problems.

Let reading become a habit, and let accumulation achieve brilliance. Colleagues who participated in the April reading sharing session carried out post-reading sharing on this reading book combined with their personal thoughts at the end of the month. This sharing was different from the previous one, but the actual work was used as an example to make charts to present the sharing in the form of PPT, which was also the best interpretation of the book by everyone. From reading the theoretical knowledge in the book at the beginning to reading the tool books, and to be able to enter into the actual work in the sharing era, so as to improve the efficiency and live to learn and apply, is the real purpose of reading.

In everything you do, as long as you take the first step, and then go on step by step, you will gradually approach your destination.

Reading is the best and most practical way to get you out of the confusion. Because the more you read, the clearer you know what kind of person you want to be. Learn more, read more, and keep enriching yourself, which is the best way to your success. After the sharing session, we also awarded prizes to the outstanding representative employees for this month’s sharing: electronic reading cards to encourage everyone to read more.

After the staff sharing session, the group president Mr. Yu also shared through this reading and borrowed the McKinsey Chart Work Method.

Each sharing is not only book sharing, but more importantly, speaking details with actual work, analyzing data information in depth, using chart work method to raise questions and list out solution ideas, so as to combine theory and practice and apply what you have learned. It is also necessary to look at the current work with cross-industry eyes, start from the grassroots work, help others and train others while improving oneself, in order to become a team leader and contribute to the development of the company.

The reading activities not only improve the humanistic and ideological awareness of employees, learn knowledge and skills, but also establish a correct outlook on life and values. Through reading and learning to turn work and life into a better thing, enjoy the infinite fun brought by work and life, happy work and healthy life.

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Vassar Group’s “Book of the Month” Reading Program 丨McKinsey Problem Analysis and Solution Skills