Vasa Group’s 2021 Excellent Staff Commendation Meeting

In order to commend the excellent and establish the company’s model, promote a positive work ethic, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, and further stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, the company selected nine excellent employees for the year 2021 through the assessment and selection of each department and strict validation by the company, and held an excellent staff commendation conference in February, which was attended by the founder of the group, Mr. Yu, the leaders of each department and all employees. The commendation conference was attended by the founder of the group, Mr. Yu, leaders of all departments and all employees.

The first item of the general meeting was addressed by Mr. Yu, the president of the group. First of all, Mr. Yu made a comprehensive review of the work of the company in 2021, fully affirmed the achievements made by everyone in the past year, thanked all the employees for their dedication and efforts, and congratulated the nine outstanding employees who won awards. At the same time, we also have high expectations for the future development of the company, bearing in mind the mission: to become a century-old enterprise. Only by taking more steps, persevering, continuously innovating and defying heavy responsibilities can we develop into a leader in the field of automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and other safety warning. In the new year, we hope that all colleagues will work together, hand in hand, with a hundred times of passion, and work together to create great achievements!

The second item of the conference, Vasa marketing director Zhou Liyuan spoke (by representative Jiang Wubin) and general manager of R&D and manufacturing Wang Weian spoke, they said that after summarizing the shortcomings and new opportunity points in 2021, they will start afresh and keep close to the market changes, continue to innovate, provide customers with a full range of services, become a trusted partner and the first choice of customers. In 2022 and in the future, we will continue to ride the wave, move forward and achieve better results.

Recognizing the advanced and inspiring forward

The third item of the conference was to commend the advanced and inspire the forward movement. At the commendation conference, Group President Mr. Yu and company leaders awarded honorary certificates, prizes and bonuses to nine outstanding employees, and gave full recognition and high praise to their achievements.

The commended employees made their acceptance speeches. They have expressed their gratitude to the company for the affirmation and recognition of their work achievements in 2021, which is an honor and more of an encouragement, and will be more active and progressive in the new year and strive for excellence.

The nine excellent award-winning employees are the epitome of many excellent employees of Vasa Group, who show the professional spirit of Vasa people who are not afraid of heavy responsibilities, optimistic and aggressive, persistent and mission-oriented. Although they came from different positions in the company, they proved with practical actions that they can make extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions. They are like a banner that inspires all employees to contribute more light and heat to the development of Vasaloppet. We believe that in the future work life, the deeds and style of these excellent employees will pass on this expectation and make further efforts.

The fourth item of the conference, the human resources department manager Zhou spoke and explained the significance of each activity of the enterprise, which is not only the embodiment of the enterprise’s human care, but also the hope to cultivate each employee to become an elite on the job. At the same time, all aspects of the company’s incentive policy, employee care, welfare, and training, promotion and other aspects of the policy are constantly improving and optimizing, all-round to create a long-term development of the career stage for employees, so that employees “in the professional engaged in, respect for the business done”, so that employees and enterprises to form a community of destiny.

We hope that the outstanding employees who have been honored will continue to play an exemplary role and make further efforts in their future work, and also hope that more outstanding employees will emerge in 2022.

So far, Vasa Group’s 2021 Excellent Staff Commendation Meeting has come to a successful end. 2022, let’s continue to build on the past and move forward, concentrate our efforts and create brilliance again!

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