BR100 – Spliced Switch

The BR100 from 911 Signal is a compact button switch box that can splice according to your requirement, At an extremely affordable price, you can use this black switch box to easily manage your emergency vehicle’s emergency vehicle lighting.

Most times, when emergency responders need to get to an accident or crime in progress, they need to do so quickly. In these instances, an emergency switch box allows emergency vehicle drivers to activate fire truck lights, police lights, or ambulance lights with just a single switch.

To make this warning light switch box incredibly easy to install, it can be wired directly into an existing system. The switch box itself can be mounted on the dash of an emergency vehicle, or anywhere else that is convenient for users to reach when they need to turn on lights or sirens.

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BUTTON: LOCK 1 button

OUTPUT  1 Group

TYPE : Switch Panel

MOUNT: Screw


Dimensions: 2.4″ Long x 1.0″