BR990 – Electrical Switch Boxes

Box color: black
The Switch can control six different sets of emergency vehicle lights
Lightbar Switch Box,Six Button Switch Pannel

Stents ,Screw bag ,Wires
Control switch buttons
Easy to install,using rear mounted “captive” terminal block
Universal bail bracket mount for under dash mounting

The BR990 emergency lighting switch box has the possibility to control many lighting devices at the same time. Most often this switch box is used to control LED beacons, strobe lights, LED strobes, and many other types of emergency vehicle equipment.

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030301: DC 12V
030302: DC 10-30V
LOCK/ UNLOCK: 6 buttons by yourself
OUTPUT: 6 Groups
030301: Switch Panel
030302: Control Panel
030301: YES
030302: NO
MOUNT: adjustable bracket
030301:10A EACH
030302:2mA each
Dimensions: 6.0″ Long x 2.0″ Wide
Accessory: Stents , Screw bag , Wires, Control switch buttons

030301BR990-ⅠDC 12V | 167*65*30MM | Black shell | 6 custom buttons | 6 groups with load, maximum 10A per group | 6 custom buttons | Adjustable bracket installation | 4 2-core plug-in cables, 1 wire
030302BR990-ⅡDC 10-30V|167*65*30MM|Black shell|6 custom buttons|No load 6 groups Max. 2MA per group|6 custom buttons|Adjustable bracket installation|8-core wire
030305BR990-ⅡDC 10-30V|167*65*30MM|Black shell|6 custom buttons|No load 6 groups Maximum 2MA per group|Adjustable bracket installation|8-core plug-in cable|Sticker B04BR900SL02