ROUTEMASTER–Combination of warning and work light

We find that in many cases, work lights and warning lights are installed sepratelly in the off-road industry .

That’s why we want to have this integration of work and warning light to save your time and cost.

A NEW LAUNCH ! You deserve to have one !

•Combination of warning and work light saves installation efforts and labor cost
•Integration of high and low beams; unique lens offers 8°,40°,60° and 180° lighting angles; adjustable light intensity
•Color temperature of work light reaches 6000K, bright enough and friendly to eyes
•Screwless design with an incredibly robust, beautiful and energetic look
•A pair of specially designed brackets are included for fast and secure mount
•Optional switch panel available for On/Off and flash pattern selection of warning light, and adjustment of light angle and intensity of work light
•IP69K rated
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