Rice Dumpling Making Contest

The annual Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival is coming, in order to carry forward the spirit of nationalism, inherit the Chinese

tradition and make all the staff feel the happiness and good life in the zongzi, 911Signal held a rice dumpling wrapping competition


Before the competition began, Mr. Yu Feng, President of 911Signal, made a simple speech. He wished all the contestants a good

place in advance and hoped every employee a happy Dragon Boat Festival.


A total of 24 employees participated in this competition. They were divided into 6 groups. Each group distributed ingredients

such as glutinous rice, candied dates, and red dates. Participants were required to use the above materials to pack rice dumplings

of uniform size. In a limited 10 minutes, see which group can pack the dumplings more, faster and better.

The fragrant rice dumpling leaves and glittering glutinous rice were transformed into an attractive rice dumpling under a pair of skillful

hands. Soon, the wrapped rice dumplings began to pile up on the table. Seeing such scenes, the spectators couldn’t sit still and

gathered around the groups to witness the contestants up close.

After the judging process, Tracy Shen’s team won the first prize with their outstanding performance. Mr. Yu Feng presented them

with the prize money, and the other contestants also gained their prizes.

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