TF Series – Silicone Series LED Warning & Working Lighthead

  • Compatible with European and American mainstream brand controllers
  • US: dual/four color;EU: single/dual color
  • US: 14 flash modes, (Dual-color) 5/(Four-color) 7 function lines;
    EU: 14 flash modes, (Single-color) 5/(Dual-color) 6 function lines
  • Power and control wires use sheathed wires
  • Lens made of transparent silicone material, base made of thermally conductive silicone material, lifetime warranty
  • Configured with two types of COVER, ABS hard and silicone soft materials
  • Can be bent back up to 30° for installation on curved surfaces
  • 3M tape installation and M3 screw installation
  • R10, R65 Class2, SAE J595 Class1, T13
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Flash Pattern:14


FunctIon:Warning and Working Light

IP Rating:IP67+IP69K

Operating Temperature:-30 to +70’C

Certifications:ECE R10, ECE R65 XB2/XA2/XR2, SAE J595 class1, CA T13

Mounting:Screw Mount / 3M Tape Installation

Warranty:Lifetime Warranty

TF4024501TBRDC 10-16V, Dual-color8-LEDs,Blue and Red
024501TBW8-LEDs,Blue and White
024501TRW8-LEDs,Red and White
024501TAW8-LEDs, Amber and White
024502TBRAWDC 10-16V, Four-color16-LEDs, Red, Blue, Amber and White
024505BDC 10-33V, Single-color4-LEDs, Blue
024505R4-LEDs, Red
024505A4-LEDs, Amber
024505W4-LEDs, White
024506TBRDC 10-33V, Dual-color8-LEDs,Blue and Red
024506TAB8-LEDs, Amber and Blue
024506TBW8-LEDs, Blue and White
024506TAR8-LEDs, Amber and Red
024506TRW8-LEDs, Red and White
024506TAW8-LEDs, Amber and White
TF6024521TBRDC 10-16V,Dual-color12-LEDs,Blue and Red
024521TBW12-LEDs,Blue and White
024521TRW12-LEDs,Red and White
024521TAW12-LEDs, Amber and White
024522TBRAWDC 10-16V, Four-color24-LEDs, Blue, Red, Amber and White
024525BDC 10-33V, Single-color6-LEDs, Blue
024525R6-LEDs, Red
024525A6-LEDs, Amber
024525W6-LEDs, White
024526TBRDC 10-33V, Dual-color12-LEDs, Blue and Red
024526TAB12-LEDs, Amber and Blue
024526TBW12-LEDs, Blue and White
024526TAR12-LEDs, Amber and Red
024526TRW12-LEDs, Red and White
024526TAW12-LEDs, Amber and White
TF12024541TBRDC 10-16V, Dual-color24-LEDs,Blue and Red
024541TBW24-LEDs,Blue and White
024541TRW24-LEDs,Red and White
024541TAW24-LEDs, Amber and White
024542TBRAWDC 10-16V, Four-color48-LEDs, Blue, Red, Amber and White
024545BDC 10-33V, Single-color12-LEDs, Blue
024545R12-LEDs, Red
024545A12-LEDs, Amber
024545W12-LEDs, White
024546TBRDC 10-33V, Dual-color24-LEDs, Blue and Red
024546TAB24-LEDs, Amber and Blue
024546TBW24-LEDs, Blue and White
024546TAR24-LEDs, Amber and Red
024546TRW24-LEDs, Red and White
024546TAW24-LEDs, Amber and White