AGILE SERIES – Foldable Light Sign

  • Foldable sign box with LED lighting
  • Easy exchange of messages such as Bred last, Tung last and Lang last
  • Internal storage of up to 4 sign plate
  • For effective and visible notification
  • A full 360° warning coverage to replace lightbar effectively
  • The rear warning light can be controlled separately
  • Simple and fast mounting

*You can buy the light sign itself separately

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item: 160101

Length: 1116x397x406mm

LED: 60pcs

Lens: TIR

Max Power: 35W

Voltage: DC 10-33V

Flash Patterns: 19

Operating Temperature: -30 to +70℃

Mount: Bracket Mount, Screw Mount

Certification: ECE R65 TA2,TB2,R10

160101AAGILEDC10-33V|MAX 90W|1116*397*406mm|Transparent lens|Silver base|LED amber 60 pcs|18 flash methods|Tripod installation|5-core sheathed functional line|IP67