NEW LED Lightbar LURKER–Magnetic Mount

Hi guys, thank you for joining me in the video again, today I will present you a low-profile lightbar. We call it LURKER.

We have made two videos of this wonderful product, so you’re very welcome to our YouTube channel to check them out.

And we can start from its modern and compact design as I mentioned earlier it’s really low-profile. As you can see, the height

is reduced and the width is also almost half of the common lightbar. It’s quite perfect for the industry like the trucks.

The lightbar itself is fully encapsulated.Each module is waterproof as well as socket connectors.By modular design,

we can customize the lengths with 25.4″,36″,48″,53″,59″,71″.And the one presented here features 59″

A lightbar can be installed with multiple mounting options such as bolt mount or gutter mount.

According to our customer needs ,we have changed them into magnetic mount.You can notice four magnets here.

So It will be safe even if you drive very fast.


•Easy module replacement

•Modern and compact design

•Full encapsulated for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance

•Excellent water resistance with waterproof modules and socket connectors

•Hard-coated lenses and aluminum housing minimize environmental damage

•Synchronize to other 911Signal products

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