HORNET Series HT4-S – LED Warning Bars

Strobe Light Bars
Optics: TIR4
The LED warning bars are designed to be used as an interior or exterior warning light.
It can be used as a dash light or grill light. there are some mounting brackets offered for them: MZ002 Mount, Slide Bolt Mount,B10 Mount.
These LEDs are very very bright,Do not look directly at these LEDs while they are on.Otherwise may be lead to momentary blindness or eye damaging.

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Meets and exceeds ECE R65 R10 standards;

Voltage: DC 12-24 V;

LEDs: 24 pcs 3W Gen III LEDs;

High intensity 3W LEDs;

Rugged , water resistant LED modules;

Integrated trafic direction feature

With 26 kinds of flash patterns

Emergency Warning Lights, LED Strobe Light

Dimensions: 27″Long x 2.2″ Wide x 2.3″High

Colors available: red, blue green, white and amber

Wattage of each LED: 3 Watts

Total Wattage Output from unit: 72 Watts

ModelltemLengthMaxPowerFlashPatternsLEDWireLensVoltageOperating TemperatureMountCertification
HORNET040201H4-29″(228mm)19W198PCS 3W4 coreCableTIRDC 12-24V-30 to +70°CBracketMountECE R65 XB1
040202H4-418″(457mm)37W2616PCS 3W
040203H4-828″(711mm)74W2632PCS 3W8 coreCable