Deepen the Responsibility for Safe Production Ensure the Efficient Operation of the Group

Safe production is the cornerstone of an enterprise. Vaasa Group has been carrying out standardization construction independently.  According to the production process and risk
situation, the enterprise integrates the industry standardization grading standards and specifications into the enterprise safety production management system. The
establishment of a strict safety production management system, safety operation procedures and emergency plans,  safety production responsibility accountability system is to
achieve safe production.

The company organizes safety production meetings and trainings every month, emphasizing that it attaches great importance to safety production work, resolutely achieves
standardized production, and ensures that various systems are implemented in place. Firmly establish the concept of safe development and resolutely prevent the occurrence of
safety production accidents . Improve the safety ideology of all employees and emergency plan for safety production, ensure that the responsibilities and measures are in
place,earnestly do a good job in the standardized construction of safety production and the transformation and improvement of safety facilities to promote the efficient
operation of the enterprise.

Since establishment, the company has continuously updated and invested in advanced production equipment, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production
costs. At present, our company has many industry-leading processing and production equipment, which not only shows the company’s production strength, but also provides a strong
guarantee for the company’s high-quality production and manufacturing.

Every member of the team is valuable.The professional and technical personnel of the equipment department are responsible for the maintenance and reform of equipment and
machinery and technological innovation . Based on their own posts, they study hard and are determined to innovate. They use the business skills they have learned to eliminate
many faults and ensure the normal operation of production and operation. Technicians use new technologies and new processes to transform and update existing equipment, improving
equipment production efficiency, reducing equipment failure rates, and ensuring  the performance and safety of equipment use. And from the actual needs of improving quality,
improve labor productivity and economic benefits, conduct sufficient technical analysis, transform and update existing equipment in a targeted manner, improve the
modernization level of machinery and equipment, and enable enterprises to enter “low consumption, high efficiency”. development track.

Because of these people who perform their duties and work hard behind the scenes, 911 Signal has a solid backing guarantee to move forward. Post work is boring and lonely,
only by accumulating a lot of money can we break out a new path. Pay tribute to everyone who works hard behind the scenes and forge ahead. Sweat will not lie, keep enthusiasm,
work hard, and eventually it will resonate.
The company will continue to implement safety production management and equipment management, adhere to technological innovation, and be brave in exploration, innovation
and change. Conscientiously do a good job in the implementation of the work, with a more responsible attitude and more professional services, to provide better safety early
warning products for customers in the global automotive industry.

Challenge Ourself Explore Future/ Vaasa Group 2022 Team Quality Development Training
Congratulations to Vaasa Group for passing the highest international quality standards in the automotive industry-IATF 16949:2016 Certification