Commendation Ceremony 2019

On May 25, 2020, Ningbo VASA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed the “long overdue” 911 award ceremony. The 2019

Commendation Ceremony, which was supposed to be held early in the year, was postponed until today due to the sudden coronavirus.

At 9:11 am, the Commendation Ceremony officially began. Company leaders, all employees and some of their families and suppliers

came together to participate in the event.


There are four agendas in this Ceremony: 1.President’s speech; 2. Outstanding staff recognition; 3. Personnel appointment; 4. Performance



First, Mr. Yu Feng, President of VASA, took the stage to deliver a speech. Yu said, “If one compares the 911Signal to a ship, then I am the

captain of this ship.” He wants to lead the company to continuously improve the value and cultural system construction, so that it establishes

the right values and big pattern.

The second agenda is the focus of this ceremony, which is the recognition of outstanding employees. In 2019, a total of six employees

from different positions were praised. It is worth mentioning that their families were also invited to the site to receive the recognition

together. Mr. Yu Feng awarded honorary certificates and incentive money to outstanding employees, as well as pensions and flowers

to families.

In addition, 7 colleagues including Wang Weian accepted personnel appointments. At the ceremony, they took over the heavy

appointment letter, this moment, on behalf of them to walk on a brand new post, perform new duties, accept new tests, take on

new responsibilities. Let’s all look forward to their excellent performance in the future.

Finally, the sales and R&D teams, in the presence of the whole company, made a commitment to the performance targets for the

new year.


In 2020, Ningbo VASA has gone through 20 years, and in the past 20 years, the company has made remarkable achievements in

operation, and its rapid development is inseparable from the efforts of every employee, looking forward to the future 911 Signal

team more dazzling and more exciting!

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