911SIGNAL C4 CREE Led Lighthead.

The C4 from 911 Signal is the Reflex optics, Reflex technology is ideal in LED emergency vehicle lights because it
maximizes light.

This makes the reflectors ideal as emergency vehicle lights because they project light from a variety of great angles
and for extremely long distances.

Four amazing 3-watt bulbs produce 12-watts of light output. The lenses of these vehicle emergency lights are clear,
but buyers can choose between many solid or split color combinations.

As soon as you receive the C4 Wasp Surface Mount LED Lights, you can begin installing them on your police cruiser,
first responder rig, or other vehicle because all installation accessories are included with your purchase.

One of the biggest reasons surface mount LED lights are so incredibly popular as cop lights is because they offer a
great deal of versatility.

In fact, the C4 Wasp Surface Mount LEDs are great LED grill lights and can also be mounted on push bumpers or side
cages too.

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