“5G and Industrial Internet” empower VASA Group to embark on a new road to the future factory

On June 22, 2021, the President of VAS Group and the head of China Unicom signed a project cooperation agreement on “5G and Industrial Internet”.

“Future Factory” refers to the widespread application of digital twins, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other technologies to realize digital design, intelligent production, intelligent management, collaborative manufacturing, green manufacturing, safe management and control and society Modern factory with greatly improved economic efficiency. 5G is the abbreviation of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology. It is a new generation of mobile communication technology developed for the new needs of mobile communication after 4G. Its performance goals are high data rate, reduction of delay, energy saving, cost reduction, and increase of system capacity. Connect with large-scale equipment.

Vasa five-year plan will rely on Vassar Intelligent Technology Company, based on the industrial Internet of Things vehicle early warning system industry, explore the development of aviation equipment, smart city road safety early warning system business, and gradually build the “intelligent manufacturing, import and export trade, investment” three A large professional platform forms a sustainable development model with complementary advantages.

The main contents of this future factory building plan include:

1. Build the 5G private network of Vaasa Technology to realize the integration of OT/IT multiple networks in the Vaasa Technology factory area;

2. Build a 5G+ real-time smart factory, realize 5G full connection of factory production data and real-time data sharing, and empower enterprises to digitize;

3. Build a 5G+ real-time intelligent monitoring system, improve the safety production system, and realize the hidden dangers and prevention of enterprise production

The perfect combination of 5G and the “Factory of the Future” will expand new development space for new intelligent manufacturing enterprises. On the one hand, 5G will facilitate the efficient interconnection of all elements and links of the “Factory of the Future”, enabling data flow to drive the flow of technology, capital, talent, and materials, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the development of traditional industries. On the other hand, 5G will accelerate the application and exploration of emerging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and AR/VR in the industrial field, catalyzing the formation of new products, new models and new business formats. It can quickly improve the digital, intelligent, and networked level of industrial manufacturing, improve production efficiency and speed, improve product quality, and consolidate and expand market competitiveness.