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LED Light Control Box - BR930(030701)

Item No.030701


BR930 Switch from 911 Signal is a compact three button switch box that gives users the ability to control and power multiple lights from one single unit.
This mini switch box is incredibly user friendly. White labels on a black box make it easy for controllers to read the switch box, even while driving.

A backlight built into the switch box allows controllers to see whether their lights, including dash lights, vehicle lightbars, sirens, warning lights, and a variety of others, are on or off with a simple glance. Users can also switch flash patterns or siren patterns with a simple push of a button.

For instance, rear and front LED emergency vehicle lights or sirens can be controlled with this one simple switch box. In addition to 15 feet of cable, a positive and ground wire are also included with purchase. 

To make this warning light switch box incredibly easy to install, it can be wired directly into an existing system. 
The switch box itself can be mounted on the dash of an emergency vehicle, or anywhere else that is convenient for users to reach when they need to turn on lights or sirens.

LOCK: 2 buttons
UNLOCK: 1 button
OUTPUT: 3 Groups
TYPE : Switch Panel
MOUNT: Screw
Dimensions: 3.5" Long x 2.2" Wide x 0.8" High

BR930 Switch from 911 Signal wires easily into your existing setup. This 3 button switch box can be used to control your lights and sirens. A compact three button switch box.Controller for use with existing 911signal product. Easy installation using rear mounted "captive" terminal block. This switch box is easily wired into other systems Two separate toggle switches can be wired to different light units.

BR930 (030701).pdf



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