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Police Control Switch - BR960(031001)

Item No.031001


When you receive your six-button switch box from 911 Signal, you are immediately ready to begin wiring your emergency vehicle lights to the switch box.
The switch box is easy to wire into any existing setup, and also provides users with the ability to switch between multiple preset patterns. 

A sheet of sticker labels is included, so installers can make sure every switch is properly labeled during installation. Additionally, to make installation simple, color-coded wire is also included. 
The control box itself can be mounted on the dash of a police cruiser to ensure it is always within easy reach of drivers.

Each switch has its own circuit breaker which provides 20 amps of power. This gives users the ability to control a variety of LED emergency lights from one simple switch box. 
A backlight allows emergency personnel to easily identify which emergency lights are in use and which aren't with just a simple glance.

LOCK: 6 buttons
OUTPUT: 6 Groups 
TYPE: Control Panel
MOUNT: adjustable bracket
5 Groups 10A
1 Group 20A
Dimensions: 6.2" Long x 4.9" Wide x 3.0" High

The BR960 Switch is the best way to organize your emergency vehicle's lights. Each of the six switches provides users with the ability to power and operate different lights on their vehicle. Six switches provides users the ability to operate lights independently. This switch box is so easy to use, emergency personnel can operate it without ever taking their eyes of the road.




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