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Siren Control Box - BR920(030501)

Item No.030501


This two button switch box functions has an ON/OFF switch as well as a momentary switch which allows the user to scroll through flash patterns. The buttons on the switch box light up and are clearly visible at night.
Switch box can be used with all of our warning sticks and our strobe kits and Grill lights.
Control box is NOT waterproof.

Accessory: Cigarette plug
Switch box features two buttons. The first button allows emergency personnel to turn the connected lights or sirens on or off, and the second button allows a controller to change modes. For instance, patterns can be changed with the mode button.

This two button switch box is incredibly easy to wire into an existing setup. The switch box itself can easily be mounted onto the dash of a vehicle, so it is easy to find when you need to activate lights or sirens. To make installation as easy as possible, cable is included with the purchase of this switch box.
This switch box is ideal for use in a police cruiser, fire truck, ambulance, or road crew truck. The BR920 Two-Button Switch Box is most commonly used with warning lights, lightbars, dash lights, and fog lights.

Model  BR920
LOCK  1 button
UNLOCK  1 button
OUTPUT:  2 Groups 
TYPE : Switch Panel
MOUNT: 3M adhesive
Dimensions: 2.7" Long x 2.5" Wide

920 two button switch box from 911 Signal wires easily into your existing setup and you can easily browse multiple preset patterns.




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