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Core Product Video

New LED Police vehicle Lightbar - SUPERVISOR(012001)

Be it under shiny daylight or dark night sky, SUPERVISOR adjusts the lightness automatically, ensuring a safe journey from beginning to end!

Newest led emergency lightbar,thinnest and lightest(SKYLINE AIR-C4)

The Skyline Air is the thinnest and lightest LED warning signal lightbars on the market today, and offers three fantastic innovations that ultimately allow for greater value.

LED surface mount lighthead--X6(021101)

With amber, red, blue, white and combination color options, brackets for mounting anywhere and a rating for 50,000+ hours of operation, the X6 marks the top choice police, fire, transport, safety, roadside service or any other use.

New Products

LED Lightbar Switch Panel - Flow(031201)

10-30V, suitable for 12V and 24V vehicle. 8 outputs, maximum output 20MA.


Surface Mount LED Strobe Light - C9

Built from Sturdy Aluminum and Poly Carbonate, it can withstand the weather and the rough environment first responders often find themselves in.
This surface mount light can be mounted on your vehicle's exterior with the provided Surface Mount brackets, and is easily wired into existing emergency vehicle systems.

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