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Core Product Video

CREE LED Extremely Narrow Light Head--X6(021101)

The X6 LED Strobe Lighthead has been created to give top-notch performance when in use, and maximum discretion when at rest.Meet and Exceeds: ECE R65 XA1 XB1,SAE J845,Class 1.

LED Flashing Amber Rotating Beacon & 3 Point Mount- FD24 (080601AT)

ECE R65 TA1 approved; Meets IP68, Double waterproof designed; Mounting options: Three Points Installing; Total 24 pcs high power 1W LED in one strobe beacon;

LED 48" Waterproof(IP67) Light Bars - Warrior(011601)

All three WARRIOR models are fully encapsulated, waterproof, and feature 1-watt ambers lights and 34 flash patterns.LED Power: 144Pcs 1W LED; Dimension: 120cm L x 30cm W x 5.6cm H(48.0 "Long x 11.8 " Wide x 2.2 "High); Colour Available: AMBER; Mounting: Gutter mounting by brackets;

New Products

CREE LED High Output Illumination Lighthead--F3(021201)

Hot off the production line, the F3 FIREFLY LED Lighthead is 911Signal’s latest product. At only 2.5” long, 1.3” wide and 0.5” high it’s also now our smallest and thinnest item. Meet and Exceeds: SAE-10-W-2.


Surface Mount LED Strobe Light - C9

Built from Sturdy Aluminum and Poly Carbonate, it can withstand the weather and the rough environment first responders often find themselves in.
This surface mount light can be mounted on your vehicle's exterior with the provided Surface Mount brackets, and is easily wired into existing emergency vehicle systems.
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