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Books, the unchanging mysterious force that leads to progress. Reading is an upward force. Books are actually the entrance to spiritual life. Learning history can see success and failure, identify gains and losses, and know the rise and fall; learning poetry can be soaring emotions, high ambitions, and beautiful people; learning ethics can know integrity, honor and shame, and distinguish right from wrong, all of which are the melting and sublimation of life. Throughout the ages, those who can sit on a cold bench with a submerged heart can always stimulate the vitality of the thought of “asking the canal to be as clear as this, for there is a source of living water”, and get the wisdom of “a smile at night under the cold lamp, it is the time to change the bones of the golden elixir”, and nourish “The gentleman will never stop being strong and healthy.

Reading books is to meet a better you and a better world.

March book recommendations.

Book title: “McKinsey Problem Analysis and Solution Skills

This is a book to improve the analysis of problems and problem-solving skills, five methods to teach you to quickly find the problem, five steps to make you efficient problem solving, so that the analysis of problems and problem solving become your strengths. The only way to master problem-solving techniques is to have professional knowledge that comes in handy when faced with large amounts of information.

Starting from the idea of understanding the nature of problem solving, this book proposes five steps to problem solving: 1) discovering problems and classifying them; 2) transforming problems into specific issues; 3) identifying alternatives to solve them; 4) evaluating each alternative using suitable criteria; 5) selecting the best solution and taking action.

Among them, problem identification is the most critical. The original point of problem solving is to “discover the existence of the problem”. If we do not even discover the existence of the problem, we are not yet at the starting line of thinking about the solution strategy. The most important key to problem identification is to be sensitive enough to changes and to grasp the whole picture with a broad vision. By using SCQA analysis tools, you can effectively and consistently master the process of problem identification and problem setting, and by integrating SCQA analysis with the important subject areas of problem types, you can effectively find the important issues for problem solving. We hope that reading this book will significantly improve your ability to analyze and solve problems.

Reading makes you keep your head down but looking up. Colleagues who participated in the March book sharing session carried out post-reading sharing of this reading book combined with their personal thoughts at the end of the month, and the following is the post-reading summary of several representatives of the outstanding employees who shared.

Technology Department Liang Hongying

When you have a clear goal, you have to ask yourself “how to do it” on a realistic action plan in order to achieve it.

Jiaze Xu, Technical Department

Keep a normal mind, look at problems with an empty glass mentality, learn to think and analyze independently, and continuously improve your analytical and logical thinking ability.

Cheng Xiang, Marketing Department

It is very important to know which type of problem you are facing. Knowing the type of problem, you can lock the key topic to solve the problem.

Sales Department Zhu Meng

To complete the work in a planned and timely manner is the primary goal of work task completion, and changing your working habits is the most important issue.

Warehouse Supervisor Wang Yulei

Analyzing problems is the necessary technology to solve problems, and having the technology to solve problems is the only way to bring professionalism into play. People who can solve problems will never be oversupplied.

Xiao Hui, Quality Department

Problem solvers must have excellent pressure management ability, even if they are forced into a dilemma, they can still remain calm and play their strength.

Instead of waiting for something to happen and then panicking to deal with it, it is better to prepare beforehand in order to make the right response.

Intern Huang Dongjun

When we want to solve a certain problem, we must think about multiple solution strategies and choose the most suitable one from multiple solutions, and choose only one solution, but not just one.

What really changes our fate is not our opportunities, but our attitude. Successful people have strong power of action, the most persistent, they do not give up lightly, do not give up halfway, not afraid of risk, and courageous to forge ahead.

Learning is like talent, if you don’t advance day by day, you will retreat day by day. What we know is limited, what we do not know is infinite. Seize the goal you set for yourself, learn from the shallow to the deep, and learn step by step, in order to achieve something. After the sharing session, we also awarded prizes to the outstanding representative staff of this month’s reading: electronic reading cards to encourage everyone to read more.

After the staff sharing session, Group President Mr. Yu also shared through this reading and borrowed “McKinsey Problem Analysis and Solution Skills”.

There are three levels in life: the bottom level is to achieve the existing work goals, the middle level is to achieve the self-life goals, and the top level is to achieve the life values and mission. In the workplace, in the world of adults, no one will continuously encourage you like a child. The corporate arena is the place to show results and reach performance goals, any problem solving is about methodology, and the ability to master the logical thinking of real problem solving is necessary to move towards success.

The most important thing is that the fragrance of books can bring far, and the joy of reading is endless. We should take each reading activity as an opportunity to make good use of our spare time, read more and read better, strive to improve our personal comprehensive quality, and keep pace with the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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