Vasa Group’s “Book of the Month” Reading Program|Wakao Inamori’s advice to young people

Kazuo Inamori’s advice to young people
With the rapid development of the company’s business and the continuous expansion of the staff organisation, in order to better adapt to the evolving social needs, build a platform for the exchange of ideas among employees, continuously improve their cultural quality, business skills, performance ability and innovation ability, and provide spiritual and intellectual support to achieve the continuous development of the company. In December, Vasa Group launched the “Book of the Month” reading and sharing activity, with the participation of staff from all departments of the company.

Recommended books for December.

Kazuo Inamori “Advice to Young People

Life – Work Results = Way of Thinking * Passion * Ability

A total of 67 employees participated in the book sharing session in December, and at the end of the month, they shared their thoughts on the books they had read with their own personal thoughts and ideas, and shared them with their departments as a unit.

Read a book carefully
Ding Minyuan, Purchasing Department

Restrain negative emotions, actively guide positive thinking, maintain an optimistic mindset every day, and do your best every day.

Hong Bo, Production Department

Start with what is in front of you, start with every little thing around you, persevere and you will surely achieve satisfactory results.

Rong Jiabang, Production Department

The right direction of thinking and the eager level of enthusiasm are the necessary factors for success.

Cai He-yong, Production Department

No matter what situation we are in, we should be positive, grateful, careful in what we say, careful in what we do and hardworking in our life.

Jiang Wubin, Sales Department

We should summarise every problem we encounter, accumulate experience and give our best in our work.

Finance Department Guo Xiaoxuan

A good attitude will inspire us to be responsible for our work and always maintain a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic working attitude to achieve the final success.

Technical Department Weng Xiaoding

Make a little progress every day and keep breaking through in the mundane. As long as we insist on making a little progress every day, even if we can’t see it at first, the quantitative change will be reflected in the qualitative change after it reaches a certain value.

Zhao Yutian, Technical Department

“Life is the accumulation of every “today”. As long as you put in as much effort as anyone else, you will definitely make a difference.

In order to encourage people to read better in the future, awards and prizes have been set up to encourage employees who share their knowledge.

No End of Learning

One book per month
After the staff sharing session, the Group’s President, Mr. Yu, also drew on Kazuo Inamori’s advice to young people through this reading.

The most important thing for interns is: what do you learn in school? The most important thing is to learn to be “creative”, to be “hardworking”, to learn “how to behave properly”, to find a good teacher who can teach these qualities, and to open up a brilliant life for themselves. The 24-hour training programme is a great opportunity for employees to learn how to behave properly.

For employees who join the workforce, the first step is to set yourself goals and break them down until you reach them. And when you encounter problems, analyse them and solve them, thus demonstrating your self-worth.

The purpose of the reading and sharing activities is to let everyone gradually develop the good reading habit of reading one hour a day and one book a month, to stimulate everyone’s learning motivation, to make 0.1 progress every day, to effectively enhance their comprehensive ability, to take reading and learning as a realm and a habit, and to apply it to their practical work, to achieve a combination of learning and thinking, and to put learning into practice.

Vasaloppet’s “Book of the Month” project – Liu Run, the underlying logic
Benchmarking and striving to be the best丨Vasa Group has been comprehensively carrying out the work of comparing, learning and catching up