Benchmarking and striving to be the best丨Vasa Group has been comprehensively carrying out the work of comparing, learning and catching up

Compare, learn, catch up and surpass” is an important way to know yourself, learn from your role model and catch up with progress.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. pursuit.

What to compare?

Compare with colleagues in your department and company, and compare with your peers around you. One is to compare methods, which fundamentally determine the effectiveness of work and even success or failure; the second is to compare motivation, which determines the execution of work and the effectiveness of execution; the third is to compare performance, which finds gaps and makes up for shortcomings from the comparison of work performance.

What to learn?

Learn to promote the work of the skills and methods. First, the methodology learned as a magic weapon to promote the work, through business knowledge learning, business skills upgrading training to continuously improve the ability to work. The second is to combine the actual work and job requirements, learn from excellent colleagues and learn from their strengths, so as to improve the level of self-skills.

Catch what?

Everyone has different starting points and there are bound to be first and second, but the key is to catch up with me and compete for first. The key to catching up is to have a goal, to look before and after, to see where you are in relation to the work assessment indicators, to look at your excellent colleagues, and to keep moving up the ladder. The actual fact is that you have to have action, clear their task list, set down a task schedule, roadmap, piece by piece implementation, in the catch up to achieve the first place.

Beyond what?

Win in the competition and exceed the expected goals. Build up the confidence and drive to face challenges head-on, to break through beyond ourselves, and to strive to improve ourselves without fear of hardship. Put the new methods and knowledge you learn into all areas of practical work and strive to do your job well, improve your business skills and strive to create first-class work performance.

“Compare, learn, catch up and surpass”, step by step!
Lifelong learning is a guideline that we must bear in mind. Around “compare, learn, catch up and surpass”, we combine learning and work, apply the knowledge and experience we have really learned to our practical work, learn by doing, learn by doing, improve our technical level in continuous accumulation, innovate and develop, and push forward new ideas.

“Know the shortage and strive for progress, look at the distant mountains and strive for action”, always keep the enterprising mind, and constantly achieve new leaps. It is not only the leap of technology, but also the leap of thought, standing in a new perspective to face new challenges and problems.

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