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Team Building - colleague confidence with golf course

10 Jun 2022

On April 25, the sunshine is beautiful. Vasa management team members set out for golf course excise!

First stop, we came to the beautiful Dongqian Lake Qixin Golf Club.

Golf is an effective way to stimulate brain health, which in turn boosts energy. Not only does it develop physical functions, but it also exercises a person's ability to be calm and attentive when things happen. Golf represents health, comity, integrity, self-discipline, fairness, in the development of life At the same time, in addition to make the team atmosphere more harmonious, employees gradually enhance the sense of identity of enterprises and institutions, but also enable employees to achieve the effect of physical exercise, relaxation, will temper.

Yu Feng, president of Vasa Group, led everyone in a valiant self-cultivation, we learn to play while experience, learn the ball by heart. Golf is a gentleman's game.

This tour also allows us to experience the etiquette and dress of golf.

The second stop, we came to the "East Zhejiang First Ancient Street" Hanling Old Street.

The stream flows slowly, the sound of water splashing; All kinds of storefronts on both sides of the ancient street are antique.Walk along the stream, buy snacks, drink cold drinks and shop until the sun goes down.

Companied by good sunshine, the group organized golf activities, walking along Hanling Old Street and watching the spring scenery, which not only helped everyone to relax and restore energy, but also promoted the relationship between departments.

Stay tuned!