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Emergency Vehicle Speaker - S80-1(090501)

Item No.090501


>Truck Car Speaker, Police Car Speaker
>Small size speaker with full size
>Superior performance
>Easy installation
>Optimum performance assured
>With Universal mounting bracke

Power: 80W
100 Watt Siren Speaker
Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency Range: 300-5000HZ                                
Sound Distortion Factor: ≤ 5%
Sound Pressure: 115-122 dB
Dimensions: 7.3 "Long x 6.6" Wide x 4.5"High
Net Wt. : 2.7 KG
Set in one package : 20 

A super heavy magnet supports siren sounds and the Aluminum horn attached to the front of the siren speaker ensures it will produce a loud sound, even in less than ideal weather conditions. Additionally, the siren speaker is loud enough to be heard in noisy, crowded situations as well. With less than 5% distortion, police officers and other first responders can ensure their emergency sirens will be heard clearly by everyone around them.

SPEAKER (S80-1 S100-1).pdf



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