Excavator with led strobe beacon, warning people to keep careful.
    This channel all-weather open, thank you!

    Sound compreesion Level:127dB Speaker - H200(090102)

    Technical Parameter:

    Code H200 POWER 100W
    Impedance Frequency 260-4500Hz
    Weight 2.3KG Sound Pressure 127db
    1. Free brackets 
    2. Compact and versatile
    3. Easy installation, easily hidden  when needed
    4. Applicable for police cars, fire trucks, ambulances
    5. SAE, J1849 certified
    6. Housing made form black nylon composite 
    7. Decibels increased by 10% compared to H100
    8. Stronger
    9. Weight: 2.3 KG
    10. One-year warranty


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