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    LED FLUSH Mount Strobe Side Marker Lighthead - A4(020401)

    LED Warning Lights 
    Optics: TIR4
    Adopting imported newest extra bright LEDs as light sources;
    Colored light sources with special optical lenses for excellent warning & signaling effect;
    19 or 12 (with 480A) recordable flash patterns for diversified applications;


    Small size flush mount lighthead.

    Technical Parameter:
    Model  A4
    Light Characteristics LED Power   4PCS 3W LED
    LED Lifespan   100000H
    Flash settings   1-4HZ
    LENS   TIR4
    Electrical Characteristics Voltage   DC 10-30V
    Max Power   9W
    Physical Characteristics Colour Available   Blue,amber ,White
    Waterproof   IP68
    Ambient temperature    -20--+65℃
    Mounting   FLUSH Mount
    Flash patterns  19
    Product Dimension   15.2cm L x6.8cm W x 1.2cm H(6.0"L x 2.7" W x 0.5"H)
    Wire   20 AWG

    Incorporates the latest technological advances to make it a high intensity and watertight LED light.
    Four high power 3 W Sputnik LEDs and high strength lenses.
    Its small size, facilitating the installation on any ambulance vehicle surface.
    A4 provides greater versatility as other products on the strength of no integrated flasher.
    The series includes flush and swivel mounting brackets as well as different light colours and smooth or Fresnel lens versions.
    Thin, light, bright
    The A4 features four amber, blue, or white 3-watt LEDs, shining clearly through a thin TIR4 lens. 19 flash patterns and multiple cover colors are available.  
    Durable, reliable
    Rated for 100,000 hours of use and warrantied for two years.  Rated, in fact, for use between -4° and 149° F (-20° and +65°C), it operates in any conditions you’re likely to face.


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