Challenge Ourself Explore Future/ Vaasa Group 2022 Team Quality Development Training

Vaasa Group launched the 2022 “Challenge Ourself , Explore the Future” team quality development training activity.This activity aims to strengthen the construction of
corporate culture, stimulate the potential and cognition of employees, empower each other, enhance the spirit of teamwork and struggle, increase mutual understanding and
cohesion of employees, and create a highly efficient and competitive team.

This team quality development training activity has designed a series of projects with challenges and teamwork significance, such as “hiking mountaineering”, “walking the
maze”, “blind square”, “tangram” and “over the rope wall”. These projects are designed to allow everyone to achieve their goals through division of labor and cooperation,
brainstorming, and truly appreciate the power of unity.

In the activity, all the team members were divided into four team groups, and each group has a team flag which will be created together.

There is a division of labor in the team, and each person must clarify what his responsibilities and tasks are.The unforgettable moments of each scene make everyone
understand that the power of a team is infinite, and the power of an individual is limited.  Only by integrating ourselves into this large group, we can use the power of the
team to give full play to our personal potential and maximize our personal value.

Through the outdoor development training activity, everyone fully felt the importance of teamwork and communication. After the success of sincere cooperation and hard work, everyone deeply understood the essence of “responsibility, trust and cooperation”, laying a good foundation for future work. No matter what difficulties you face, you must remember your original intention, keep your mission in mind, never give up your due responsibilities, and use your responsibility and dedication to help the company launch  sprints and challenges to one goal after another, and work with the company to create  new brilliance together!

Everyone has sweat, tears, laughter and sadness at the game.
In the face of challenging projects, everyone brainstormed, united and cooperated, and worked together to complete various challenges. It was inseparable from everyone’s mutual trust, tolerance, division of labor, cohesion and joint efforts. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team, giving full play to the advantages of the team and taking responsibility for the team, the team can go further and the enterprise can develop better.
After two days of quality development training, we also ushered in the final awarding moment. The four teams competed fiercely in each game and selected the champion according to the cumulative score. President Yu, the president of the group, and Mr. Wang, the general manager of R&D and manufacturing, respectively awarded medals to them, which belongs to the winnner .

This outreach training not only provided a solid foundation for the company’s humanistic construction and sustainable development, but also mobilized everyone’s enthusiasm , allowing everyone to learn through practical exercise and changing through experience learning. Summarize experience and self-motivation in repeated failures, realize resource integration through cooperation with partners, and work together to create a better future.

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