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A Global Network
of Distributors and Partners

911Signal Technology Inc., established in Ningbo, China in 1998, has been dedicated to serving customers globally with innovative, stable, and reliable emergency vehicle safety warning products and innovative solutions.

With a grand opening of the office and investment on the warehouse in Paris France, we have a extensive network of distributors and partners to provide better services to the international market.

Guided by the vision of being “Your Innovative and Reliable Partner,” 911Signal has long-term cooperation with well-known automobile manufacturers and emergency vehicle manufacturing companies in the police, fire, rescue, and municipal departments. Stability, reliability, continuous innovation and excellent service have made 911Signal the most professional and trustworthy supplier in the industry.

We focus on designing and manufacturing emergency warning system (EWS), keeping up with innovation trends and market demands. Combining comprehensive marketing research, customer requirements and feedback, we form the idea of a new product or update on existing products.

We excel at designing and manufacturing warning systems in an innovative way that is responsive to the market demand. In the R&D team, engineers specializing in structure, electronics, process, optics and industrial design collaborate closely and efficiently to develop products tailored to the customers’ needs.

Each project follows a complete
and rigorous process made of four bright steps.

The engineering team of the professional D’Andrea & Evers Design Agency in Netherlands, collect and incorporate all the necessary information regarding form, function, material, testing standards etc for developing a new product or upgrading an existing one.

After the design, including materials, outlook, texture and structure, is verified, prototypes and samples will be produced for internal testing. The approval of mass production will only be given to manufacturing when the testing proves to meet or exceed the corresponding regulations.

After an internal product release, the production begins. All production processes are harmoniously matched between humans and automated equipment. Continuous inspections by the quality control team ensure the quality of the products.

Products are distributed with the trusted logistics partners to ensure a safe and punctual delivery. Our staff are always standing by for any support needed. And 911Signal’s goal is to provide feedback and solve product installation and after-sales problems within 24 hours.

911Signal’s brand new factory hosts a digitalized warehouse, workshop for injection molding, surface mount, assembly, and also a well-equipped testing, including environmental, electrical, optical, acoustic, and mechanical laboratories. We insist on upgrading to the latest high-tech CNC and injection molding. It is witnessed that we are having an ever-increasing percentage of automation in use. The invest in industry robot has proved the efficiency and consistency in high quality. Utilizing the most advanced technology, we are always ahead of other competitors.

The mission of 911 Signal writes

Grow into a time-honored company. Offer our customers with the indispensable safety warning products within the sectors of automotive, aviation, maritime, and outdoor.


Quality Management System

Lifetime Warranty, No Worries for the Future

911Signal attaches great importance to product safety, defect prevention, and reducing quality variation and waste in the automotive supply chain. Through excellent design, high-quality materials and components, strict product testing and production processes, we ensure that product quality reaches the best level.

In order to maintain this high standard of product quality, we strictly require every link in the supply chain to meet the most stringent standards, ensuring that the purchased materials and parts meet the requirements of the quality system. Our strict internal review mechanism, strict inspection of production equipment, environment, processes, and product quality to ensure that all steps comply with the IATF 16949 quality management system. By continuously improving professional skills and quality and services of our staff, we ensure that each team member contributes to the continuous improvement of product quality.

At the same time, we have established a close partnership with TÜV Süddeutschland Group. Regular inspections of on-site management and work process execution are conducted every quarter to ensure that our quality management system not only complies with international standards, but also can continuously adapt to social and corporate changes.

911Signal’s quality commitment is not only reflected in the excellent performance of its products, but also in its long-term commitment to customers. Therefore, we are fully confident in providing customers with a 3-5 year warranty and even a lifetime-warranty, ensuring customers have no worries for the future.

Testing & Certification

Arduous and strict quality control measures are implemented from the minute raw materials arrive the factory to the moment packaged products leave the plant, ensures that every link is higher than industry standards.

With the help of high-precision Three-dimensional Coordinate Measuring Measuring Machine imported from Germany, we are able to check even the most irregularly shaped components to see if they meet our requirements.

To maintain the conformity of production, samples are regularly subjected to harsh environmental testing and other destructive or non-destructive testing to consistently guarantee high-quality products. With the facilities in our lab, we are able to simulate 12 out of the total 13 climates on the planet earth (Polar climate excluded).

An introduction of the IPX9K chamber allows us to test the product
in the worst splashing condition possible.

The newly imported instant high-low temperature chamber simulates the most severe weather for the product application. The UV test can simulate more than 10 years of solar radiation, accelerating the aging process of product surfaces. These advanced testing methods and equipment ensure our products can maintain stability and durability under various extreme conditions.

Our testing processes allow us to fully comply with and exceed CE, SAE, CA Title 13, ECE, GB and French Tone certified by UTAC. Testing is conducted according to ECE R65, R10, R48 (EU), and SAEJ595, J845 (US) standards, providing a strong guarantee for our quality commitment and integrity commitment.

Design Awards Series

911Signal has worked closely with European and American design companies for many years

911Signal has worked closely with European and American design companies for many years, and they undertake independent market research on our behalf, including direct surveys – making us highly responsive to what the end user wants and needs. Together we have produced more than 100 unique designs and garnered no less than 237 patents and multiple awards, Red Dot, iF included, for products that are portable, durable, unique and environmentally friendly.

Sales Team

To be determined,committed and
resilient our goals.

With 26 years of experience, our company’s founder leads an experienced sales team to provide professional guidance, offering solutions to the needs of local end customers. We are fully capable of developing products and functional designs that exceed your expectations to meet your special needs.

Provide pre-sales usage scenario survey, delivery date, order status, and after-sales support to make every transaction of yours simple and reliable. Our three-dimensional automated warehouse has enough space to accommodate and assemble products, allowing us to respond quickly to customer delivery times.

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Key Partnerships

We have established close partnerships with the world’s most reliable suppliers to ensure the stability of our products and meet market demands, as well as a firm commitment to quality.

Our supply chain network spans the world and they not only have excellent products and technologies, but also uphold the same values and quality standards as us. We have been pursuing excellence and know that only by cooperating with the best companies in the industry, seeking mutual benefit and win-win results, pursuing social progress, and sharing the same philosophy can we maintain our competitive advantage.