Excavator with led strobe beacon, warning people to keep careful.
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    LED Lightbar Switch Panel - Flow(031201)

    Model  Flow(031201)
    VOLTAGE  DC 10-30V MOUNT 3M adesive mount
    Bracket mount
    OUTPUT  8 Groups
    TYPE Smart Switch
    LOAD  NO
    MAX CURRENCY 100mA Dimensions  /

     1. 10-30V, suitable for 12V and 24V vehicle
     2. 8 outputs, maximum output 20MA
     3. 8 LED lights to indicate traffic advisor status
     4. Special design for intuitive lightbar control
     5. System ON/OFF with short press, function setting saved with long press
     6. 180 degrees adjustable bracket
     7. Easy-to-follow wire-to-wire connection
     8. Legends display customizable. Pictures only for reference
     9. Max Input Current: <150MA
     10. Max Output Current of One Wire: 10MA

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