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Switch Panel - Flow(031201)

Item No.031201


>10-30VDC input
>0.2W (Static Power)
>8 LED lights to indicate traffic advisor status
>System ON/OFF with short press, function setting saved with long press
>180 degrees adjustable bracket
>Easy-to-follow wire-to-wire connection
>Legends display customizable. Pictures only for reference
>Max Input Current: <16A
>Max Output Current of One Wire: 2A

VOLTAGE: DC 10-30V      

MOUNT: Bracket mount

OUTPUT: 8 Groups

TYPE : Smart Switch

Max Input Current: <16A
Max Output Current of One Wire: 2A



This is a newly designed switch panel and we call it "Flow".It's a multi-functional switch with a nice clean outlook.We will offer you two panels to choose from,either of them can control lightbar,lightheads or worklights together.There are 8 LED lights to indicate traffic advisor status.It equipped with 180 degrees adjustable bracket.So it can be attached flexiblely to your verhicle according to your needs.

Flow Installation.pdf



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