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Emergency Siren - SR-100RD(090701/090702)

Item No.090701/09070


Digital technology and single molectron make performance steady and reliable
Additional functions of two sets switched of light control in the panel.design perfectly
Function:aux,yelp,hi-lo,wail-1,wail-2,siren,horn,super-siren.yelp relay.tool
Build in LED display,sound amplifying 

15 Amp Fuse
4 meters 6 chip data access cable spring cable
6 chip transformer 
Connecting wire of speaker
Connecting wire of light controller

This siren produce loudly sound that may damage hearing
Roll up windows
Wear hearing protection
Use only for emergency response

Aviod exposure to siren sound outside of vehicle
Sirens are essential in helping first responders including firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers do their jobs quickly and effectively. 
This siren is designed especially for first responders, and has an unbelievable amount of features. 
This 100 watt siren would be a great addition to your vehicle's emergency vehicle lights.

Sound compression Level: 116-118db
Power: 100W 
Output: 3 output group Each MAX 15A
Impedance: 8Ω 
Tone :
090701: Polic,fire fighting,wrecker,project,ambulance
090702: Polic,fire fighting,wrecker,project,guest
Dimensions: 7.8 "Long x 4.3" Wide x 1.9"High
Accessories: 15Amp Fuse,4m 6chip data access cable Spring cable,6chip transformer,Connect wire of speaker,Connect wire of light controller

The SR-100RD 100 Watt Police Siren gives you excellent sound, and joins very nicely with a set of our speakers and LED lights.




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