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    Fire Truck Siren - IWR(IW3 & Wireless Controller)(091107)

    IW3+Wireless Controller
    Vehicle Siren Systems
    Impedance: 8Ω      
    Meets and exceeds E24 ECE R10
    Frequency range:300-1600Hz

    Technical Parameter:
    Other:   IW1   IW2   IW3

    Model IWR(091107)
    VOLTAGE DC 12V IWR Wireless control more than 10m
    Power 100W Output
    8 output group
    2 group MAX 15A
    2 group MAX 10A
    4 group MAX 5A
    Impedance Tone wail,yelp,piecer,whoop,warble,Hi_low,manual,airhorn
    Frequency range 300-1600Hz
    Certificate E24 ECE R10
    Dimensions 8.7 "Long x 5.2" Wide x 2.0"High
    Wireless control more than 10m.
    Emergency Sirens, Ambulance Siren, Police Siren
    Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to + 60°C.
    Provides an electronic siren and light control system
    Provides 8 kinds of siren sounds
    High power and hi-fi tones With light control function

    Micro-chip control and steady frequency
    Our quality sirens are loud enough to be heard from a considerable distance. For this reason, our sirens are a great choice for law enforcement and first responders alike.

    It is important for the first responder community to have the best police siren sounds available.
    Just as important, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS workers need to know that their sirens are going to run every time they turn them on.

    The IW3 Amplifier/Relay Unit housing is NOT waterproof. It must be mounted in a location which is sheltered from falling rain, snow, standing water, etc.
    Also, it must be installed in an adequately ventilated area. Never install near heater ducts. Do not mount the IW3 Amplifier/Relay Unit under the vehicle’s hood.

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