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STARK O Bracket

Item No.104101,104102,104103,104104,104105,104106


> 15° angled design of the bracket makes the STARK O highly compatible to the curved wall of ambulances, ensuring the light emits from the horizontal direction. Thus no bother for the vehicle outfitters to take additional conversion for the mounting, which is more time and cost efficient.

> Durable ABS molding gives a robust and light-weighted product.

> UV, heat, water and corrosion resistant.

> Easy and simple installation with only 4 screws.

> Available in white and chromed models.

> Includes a silicon pad to prevent any scratch may be occurred to the vehicle.

Item: 104101, 104102, 104103, 104104, 104105, 104106

Size: 6″x4″ (219.7x144.2x46.4mm)

    7″x3″ (231.9x118.2x43mm)

    9″x7″ (297.8x238.2x78.7mm)

Color: white, chromed

Material: ABS plastic

Three sizes optional which match perfectly with STARK O, 180° wide angle visibility to the front and corner blind areas. Assisting your STARK O keeps to horizontality effortlessly.

STARK O Bracket.pdf


Stark O Bracket Installation.pdf



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