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Newest led emergency lightbar,thinnest and lightest(SKYLINE AIR-C4)

Item No.SKY AIR20:011801; SKY AIR29:011810; SKY AIR38:011820; SKY AIR48:011830;SKY AIR56:011840


>Sleek, low profile and aerodynamic design makes the product the thinnest and lightest LED lightbar on the market 
>Ready to be customized in lengths and functions to satisfy your needs
>Upgraded PC material minimizes environmental damage and provides sufficient heat dissipation
>IP68 rated; fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance 
>Each module is given its own plastic housing, increasing flexibility of use and assembly without sacrificing either performance or reliability
>Clear and other color options available for outer lenses 

Light Characteristics

LED Power       

SKY AIR20: 40PCS 3W; SKY AIR29:56PCS 3W; SKY AIR38:72PCS 3W; SKY AIR48:88PCS 3W; SKY AIR56:104PCS 3W

LED Lifespan : 100000H

Flash settings : 1-4HZ

Electrical Characteristics        

Voltage: DC 10-33V

Physical Characteristics 

Colour Available : Red,Blue,Amber and Combination Color

Ambient Temperature: -30-- +70

Waterproof: IP68

Mounting :         

 SKY AIR20 / 29: Magnet

 SKY AIR38 / 48/56: Gutter / Roof Rail / Roof One Point / Direct/Bolt(Optional)

Flash patterns

SKY AIR20: 25; SKY AIR29/38/48/56: 29

Product Dimension :

SKY AIR20:20"L x 9.8"W x 1.8"H(50.6cm x 25cm x 4.5cm)

SKY AIR29: 29"L x 9.8"W x 1.8"H(74.0cm x 25cm x 4.5cm)

SKY AIR38: 38"L x 9.8"W x 1.8"H(97.4cm x 25cm x 4.5cm)

SKY AIR48: 48"L x 9.8"W x 1.8"H(120.0cm x 25cm x 4.5cm)

SKY AIR56: 56"L x 9.8"W x 1.8"H(144.2cm x 25cm x 4.5cm)

Meet and exceeds: ECE R65 TA1 00 0053; ECE R65 TA2 00 0091; ECE R65 TB2 00 0086; ECE R10 052171


SKY AIR 20 / 29: 3M length with A13-163 cigarette plug

SKY AIR 38 / 48 / 56: 5M length of 8 core wire

Housing Materials : Plastic

Optional controller: BR9000

With 360° degree lighting and 29 flash patterns, the Skyline Air LED light bar offers extreme warning light power. Upgrade of PC material minimize environmental damage from sand, sun, salt, and road chemicals. Dividers Molded seals protect internal components from water intrusion. Dividers Molded seals protect internal components from water intrusion.This allows for luminance to be maximized throughout the product’s usable life without heat-related, expensive compromises. 911Signal is currently applying for patents related to this unique feature.

Skyline Air.pdf


Skyline Air R65.pdf


Skyline Air Installation_1.pdf



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