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    New LED Police vehicle Lightbar - IntelComm(012001)

    Be it under shiny daylight or dark night sky, IntelComm adjusts the lightness automatically, ensuring a safe journey from beginning to end!


    Technical Parameter:

     IntelComm (012001)


    Light Characteristics

    LED Lifespan   100000H
    Flash settings   1-4HZ
    Lens  Reflect
    Electrical Characteristics Voltage   DC 10-33V
    Max power   210W
    Physical Characteristics Colour Available blue,amber,red and blue
    Ambient temperature   -30-- +70 ℃
    Waterproof   IP68

    Gutter / Roof Rail / Roof One Point / Direct/Bolt(Optional)

    Flash patterns


    Product Dimension  48"L x 10.9"W x 2.26"H(118.7cm x 27.8cm x 5.8cm) 
    Meet and exceeds   ECE R65TA2 0068; ECE R65  TB2 0069; ECE R10 05 1972
    Optional controller  Flow
    Our new LED warning lightbar is called the IntelComm.
    Its design, appearance and functionality all perfectly fulfil the needs of the high end requirements of the emergency services, suitable for both the European and American markets.
    The IntelComm  lightbar is optimised for maximum all round visibility and emphasises your presence to other road users.  To help achieve this, we have integrated two additional light units at the front and back of the bar.
    These multi-colour LED units are connected to the vehicles own functionality and can operate as warning lights, indicator and brake lights.
    Beside these extra light units, the IntelComm has selectable flash patterns, a traffic director, alley and spot lights. Different light configurations and different product length are available.
    Finally, this aerodynamic lightbar and specially designed end-units give the IntelComm  an impressive and defensive stance that fits modern vehicle design.
    The IntelComm  meets all regulatory requirements including ECE Regulation 65 and SAE.  Additionally the bar is protected to IP68, ready for whatever it might face in the future.
    IntelComm Features:
    1.Multiple Modules available (Daytime travel module, Brake Module, Turning light Module, Spotlight Module, Arrow Module etc.) Safer and better communication with other vehicles. 
    2.18 month long development stage . Fusion of diamond cut technique and emergency lighting design 
    3.Solid design and heavy usage of aluminum alloy make supervisor suitable for police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, but also a go-to product for commercial vehicles because of its safeness accountability and easy installation
    4.Be it under shiny daylight or dark night sky, supervisor adjust the lightness automatically, ensuring a safe journey from beginning to end
    5.Different dimension options 
    6.Name plate customizable 
    7.Eco version available
    8.SAE/R65 certified, Lightness up Class 2


    Product Video

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