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    6PCS 3W LED Dual Color Strobe Hide-a-way Light - ANT6-6(060102)

    Hide-A-LED Undercover Warning Signal
    The standard 1 "Hide-A-Way” style lamps.
    Simple installation with no separate lamp drivers, flashers, ballast or power supplies to install.
    This LED hideaway light is sealed and fully encapsulated to keep water out. In addition to not taking up much room on your emergency vehicle and producing and amazing amount of light output, the ANT 6-6 ANT also allows operators to choose from 22 different strobe and flash patterns. 


    Dual Color Led Undercover Warning light.

    Model ANT6-3、ANT6-6
    Light Characteristics LED Power ANT6-3:3PCS 3W LED

    ANT6-6:6PCS 3W LED

    LED Lifespan   100,000H
    Flash settings   1-4HZ
    Electrical Characteristics Voltage    DC 10-30V
    Max Power   9W
    Physical Characteristics Colour Available    Blue,amber ,Red,White,Green
    Ambient temperature   -20--+65℃
    Mounting    Surface mount.Inside of headlight
    Flash patterns ANT6-3:19


    Meet and Exceeds   EMC
    Product Dimension 3.8cm D x 2.5cm H(1.5"D x 1.0"H)
    Our aptly named ANT6 Hideaway Lights have been designed for  hiding anywhere, ready to jump into action anytime you need them.  Anywhere means on any surface, even inside the headlights of any vehicle!  
    It helps that they’re ultra small and light-weighted.  ANT6 lights are also highly versatile and feature a bright, hemispheric illumination pattern. 
    There are two models to choose from, optional with A/R/B/W in 3Watt LEDs. Model ANT6-3 has three same-color LEDs and 19 flash patterns, while ANT6-6 can be multi-chromatic and has 22 flash patterns. 
    3 colors covers are available. Despite great output, thermal dissipation is optimized through the use of an advanced heat management system, silicone, and an aluminum base. 
    Because all components are encapsulated, the ANT6 is waterproof to IP67.  It also means it can be installed in one shot with no separate components to affix:  surface mounting, mounted with brackets, or placed directly inside a headlight van. 
    Incorporating surge protection, rated for use between -20℃ and +65℃ and more than 100,000 hours, the ANT6 is extremely reliable -  making it a fantastic value and a go-to solution for any public service vehicles.

    Would you like to have a one-year warranty extension?
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