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New Packaging Design of 911Signal LED Lightheads

How to Design Packaging That Makes an Impact.

Packaging is powerful because it tells customers why our product and brand are different. Our product's packaging is meant to communicate a purpose: what our brand 911Signal stands for and what it means for our customers. 

Have you seen our new packaging yet? They should be to your hands VERY soon! You will be satisfied for our clean, minimalist packaging for led lightheads. We've enhanced our packaging design based on your feedback. We are excited to announce the new packaging for our led lightheads.

In 2018, All of LED warning lightheads will use the new packaging, which adopt White Woodfree covered Duplex Board with PE film. This white board paper is a relatively high level of packaging paper, mainly for printing cigarette, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and packaging cartons, printing requires a good performance and folding strength.
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