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IATF16949 Quality Management System Training

14 May 2020

At 9 o'clock on May 14th, accompanied by bright sunshine, 911 Signal starts the first session of IATF16949 quality management

system training. Employee representatives from production, RD, sales, marketing and other teams gathered together to attend the tutorial.

At the beginning of the training, Mr. Yu Feng, President of 911 Signal gave a short speech on the topic. President Yu said that despite

the special period of COVID-19911 Signal chooses to move forward actively and took an important step in the quality management

system. He adds that in the journey of introduction of IATF16949, we will experience three phases: first, the change of concept, we

will gradually understand and accept the IATF16949 quality management system; second is the transition phase. Relevant personnel

will assist the entire 911 Signal team for qualification certification; Finally, We will autonomously implement the IATF16949 quality

management system in the everyday working.

After President Yu's enthusiastic speech, this training officially started. As the presenter, experienced teacher Liu started from the

basic knowledge of IATF16949 and introduced all aspects of 911 Signal employees in detail. This obscure knowledge became easy

to understand in Mr. Liu's vivid explanations and examples of real working life.

This training lasted for two hours, and everyone was rewarded. The following training will continue to focus on IATF16949 standard

related knowledge and relevant five reference manuals. Let us look forward to the next training together.